Mu Dog Moon #1

MU by J.C. Brown, Dog and Moon by Paula Pietranera

38.5" x 17"

Yayoi KusaMU

Calligraphy on antique silk by John Guo. Vintage kimono silk mounting of white lunettes on purple. Sleeping puppy stamp in one of the "moons". Red lacquer finials.

39" x 12.25"

Yankee Yakuza Mu


Calligraphy on antique silk by Pamela Rickard; art by Andrew Browne.

57" x 18.75"

Gray Shantung silk mounting with red accent, red finials.

Disintegrating MU

Calligraphy on paper by Stephen Addiss

78" x 34"

Laser-cut acrylic MU in open frame


41" x 17"

Let Sleeping Dog Lie

Calligraphy by Yoko Nishina. Dog and moon by Fumiyo Yoshikawa.

44" x 19"

Does a Dog have Buddha nature?

Calligraphy by J.C. Brown

64" x 25"

Lonesome Blue

Sanje Elliot and Bill Schwob

40" x 15"

Mongolian MU

Calligraphy and art by D. Tsolman

36" x 13"


Rembrandt's Dogs

Diane Abt

58" x 17.5"

Blue Moon Invisible Dog


JC Brown and SoYoung Jun

48" x 16"

Thai MU

Vichai Chinalai and Malcolm Lubliner

42" x 21"

Sandy MU


Stephen Addiss

40" x 17"

MU Fruit Deep in the Mountains

Fujisawa Nangaku, et. all

80" x 17"

Fu Dog Plays the World

Calligraphy by Kitaro

art by Keiko Nelson

30" x 17"

Null Set Ensō

Robin Hartshorne

33.5" x 19"

Rainbow Enso

Cathleen Schwartz and Peggy Huff

40" x 18"

MU in the Moon



J.C. Brown

65" x 17"

Heech and MU

Liza Dalby and Andrew Browne

36" x 12.5"

Black Thai MU

Vichai Chinalai

40" x 13.5"


White-on-white Black-on-black


Terry Louie and Michael Hofmann

53" x 17"

Beneath the South Window in Know Nothing Studio

Son Manjin

82" x 17.5"

Innocent enso


Felix Szuts 

39" x 13.5"

Dancing MU


Ryosuke Ueda

47" x 13.5"

Path Through the  MU gate

John Guo and Toru Sugita

45" x 12"

Moribund MU

Tangut rubbing by Liza Dalby, art by Peggy Huff

50" x 13"

Rummaging in the Moonlight

Toru Sugita. reversible folding scroll

36" x 12.5"

Orb MU

Tim Girvin. folding scroll

42" x 22"


Enso Rising

calligraphy, Mario Uribe. mounting silk, Angelina DeAntonis

74" x 33"

MU and Fragments

four part folding scroll

calligraphy by John Guo

36" x 10"

Five Moons Felt


Itajime natural dyed wall hanging by Angelina deAntonis

69" x 17.5"

  St. John of the Cross - Nada   folding scroll, 34" x 14"  Willis Barnstone

St. John of the Cross - Nada

folding scroll, 34" x 14"

Willis Barnstone


I am I because my little dog knows me

Quote from Gertrude Stein. Dog by fumiyo Yoshikawa. Calligraphy by JC Brown.

Cosmo the MU dog


calligraphy by Sanje Elliot; dog by Ed Hardy

folding scroll

42" x 23"