¿ Does a Dog Have Buddha Nature ?

Joshu replied, "MU!"

Inspired by this well-known Zen riddle, the MU KORABO (MU Collaboration) project joins calligraphy and art produced by an international range of artists in non-conventional renditions of the traditional Asian hanging scroll.

MU, "nothingness," lies at the heart of Buddhism.  As a deeply universal existential concept, however, MU is also familiar to Western philosophers.

The character for MU 無 is a favorite of calligraphers. It can be written in any number of styles, ranging from straight and clear to cursive to abstract. MU is represented in this collection by other languages of the Buddhasphere besides Chinese/Japanese. There are versions of MU in Thai, Mongolian, Tibetan, Korean, and Tangut scripts as well as the Persian heech.

The dog here has been repurposed to stand for the seeking self. The full moon is the Buddhist symbol of enlightenment. 

The thirty-five hanging scrolls and ten sculptures of the collection are also featured, with essays, in the catalog. Exhibition venues will be noted as they are arranged.